Burgers in Business

Juicy and delicious, burgers have been a timeless favorite for generations. Their popularity is growing exponentially and more kinds of burgers are constantly being introduced in the food industry. From family dinners, to convenient runs to the local burger joint, burgers have made a lasting mark among consumers. Because of this, they have become a go-to creation for virtually any business with a menu.

Burgers have attracted the most attention in the handheld food category, more than other types of seasoned meats and entrées. From tasty sliders to juicy quarter pounders, burgers have become a favorite among consumers for their diversity and convenience. Though primarily sold in “limited-service restaurants” (fast-food restaurants make up 57% of sandwich sales), other industry segments have caught on to their popularity and have gained momentum as vendors of the burger.

Other segments include full-service restaurants, and rapidly growing smaller categories, such as education, healthcare, and retail. For example, the travel and leisure segment expects a projected growth of 5.1% after it experienced a 4.7% growth between 2013 and 2016. In 2016, $90.57 billion were spent on burgers (that’s 44% of total sandwich sales), according to global market intelligence firm Technomic Inc. It is clear that the burger is here to stay, and the on-the-go nature of consumers only encourages its growth.

Explore the world of flavor

While usually centered on the typical meat, toppings and bun concept, all burgers are incredibly diverse, offering an open door to explore the world of flavor. An article by Food Business News states, “Fast-food establishments and full-service restaurants continue to add new burger options to their menus in an effort to keep up with consumer demand and changing tastes.” PACA Foods is able to contribute to tasty and satisfying burgers, by offering customized rubs, seasonings and marinades. We can help tailor your menu and products to create personalized flavors that are fulfilling and nutritious.

Established in 1991, PACA Foods is a dry-blended food-product manufacturer specializing in spices, nutrients, flour and sugar-based products. PACA Food’s high-quality products are custom-produced and private-labeled for retail, food service and industrial customers. Dedicated to understanding the unique characteristics of your company, PACA Food’s provides extraordinary quality of product and service to its customers. View our products or contact us today to see how we can help your company succeed in the ever-developing food industry.


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