Benefits of Co-Packing and Dry-Food Blending

As today’s global market continues to become more competitive, companies are looking for ways to maintain their competitive edge. This is definitely true in the food manufacturing and distribution industry. There are various aspects in which a food company must remain competitive in order to maintain, or grow, their share of the market. A significant cog in maintaining a competitive advantage involves continuous product and packaging development. One way that many companies are dealing with these inherent challenges is to work with a dry-food blending company that offers co-packing.

Dry Food Blending Benefits

While there are many dry-food blending benefits for food companies, it all comes down to quality management. Working with an expert dry-food blender will allow food companies to streamline their product develop process, as well as have full traceability, and product recall system in place. PACA Foods works with clients from the beginning of the research and development process through to the packaging and distribution process. We seek to understand the desires, needs, and goals of the customer to ensure that the final product is exactly what they are looking for.

When it comes to dry-food blending benefits, another key benefit is the flexibility that this process provides the client. Using a high level of specificity, the dry-blending company can provide numerous mixes that are mixed to the exact specifications of the customer. This is especially powerful when the customer is looking to develop a new product.

Co-Packing Benefits

In this competitive market co-packing benefits are extremely important to consider. Co-packing, or contract packing, is the process in which a company contracts another company to package their food products for distribution; however, the process is carried out in a manner in which it appears as if you, the hiring company, manufactured and packaged the food. This is the ultimate form of outsourcing with all of the benefits and hardly any of the setbacks.

Some common co-packing benefits are:

Reduced capital investments: PACA Foods, the co-packer, will provide the equipment, warehouse space, and the expertise to handle the packaging. We will even arrange the shipping.

Logistics and warehouse support: shipping and receiving responsibilities will be primarily handled by PACA Foods. The co-packing benefits associated with this alone allow a company to remain competitive by protecting their bottom line. The hiring company can work with our development team to design the packaging.

Whether considering the dry food blending benefits, which afford the hiring company with flexibility, quality and diversity, or the co-packing benefits, which provide the logistics and schematic support necessary for success, using a company that can provide both simply levels the playing field or tilts it in favor of the hiring company.