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Job Title: Buyer and Inventory Systems Manager

Contact: Human Resources

Company: Confidential

Reports To: Chief Financial Officer

Supervises: Warehouse Clerk

FLSA: Full Time, Non-exempt


Works closely with the VP of Operations, Plant Manager and Shift Supervisors. This individual is responsible for ensuring inventory control measures are in place and functioning, the company is minimizing its stock holding and maximizing its stock system & accounting and paperwork accuracy.


  • Utilize integrated purchasing and inventory control system to produce purchase orders in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Respond to Customer & Supplier inquiries.
  • Review purchase orders to verify accuracy, specifications & terminology.
  • Develop and negotiate price protected supply agreements for raw materials and indirect services groups, customers or jobs.
  • Compare pricing, specifications & delivery dates to determine best bid among potential suppliers.
  • Monitor inventory to ensure accuracy of reporting and record any and all changes in a timely manner.
  • Expedite purchase orders to ensure production needs are met within “just in time” guidelines.
  • Monitor and record delivery dates and compare against expected delivery dates to assist in compiling vendor report cards.
  • Provide timely and accurate reporting to management and customers.
  • Create and update forecasts for purchasing and budgeting.
  • Process material receipts quickly and accurately to ensure continuous flow of production and assist accounts payable in the payment process.
  • Maintain supplier database for contact information, terms, price and lead-time changes.
  • Compile inventory reports for month-end and on an ad hoc basis for specific products.
  • Negotiate supplier rebates, discounts and promotions to reduce cost and to promote sales.
  • Track savings and cost avoidance on a monthly basis.
  • Monitor costs of raw and packaging materials, WIP and Finished Goods assemblies relative to pricing.
  • Design and lead periodic physical inventory counts and processing.
  • Maintain Vender Certification Program through vendor audits and review of vendor performance.
  • Monitor & evaluate consumable usage, cost, material utilization & scrap
  • Minimize overstocks & removal of obsolete/redundant raw materials to maximize availability of working capital
  • Implement improvement processes & systems to reduce inventory, minimize costs and maximize working capital (in 2017 responsible for roll out of barcoding system)
  • Ensure that inventory shrinkage (due to theft, fraud, loss, damage or counting errors) is kept to an absolute minimum
  • Responsible for periodic physical inventories and regular cycle counts
  • Manage control measures to ensure mistakes & inaccuracies are highlighted, addressed and resolved
  • Insure warehouse inventory is organized in a workable, auditable manner Track expiration or use by dates to ensure inventory is moving correctly in a FIFO manner.
  • Process Production Reports and create Bill of Materials in Inventory Management System.
  • Source and price new Raw Materials for Sales Administration.
  • Spot check finished goods when raw ingredient prices increase
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


Chief Financial Officer – Cost of Goods/market fluctuations/ liability exposure.

Customer Service/Logistics: Order planning/distribution/attention to customer

R&D Manager – New R&D projects / Lab RM needs/upcoming capacity needs

Supply Chain team – Supply Chain functions



  • Experienced and knowledgeable of purchasing and inventory control practices.
  • Detailed understanding of MRP, inventory control management systems & ERP (Experience with MISys Inventory Management a plus
  • Required to have impeccable work habits, organizational and time management skills.
  • Strong communication, analytical, and problem solving skills
  • Ability to work independently and under supervision, as well as an ability to coordinate with other departments.
  • Must be well organized and detail oriented
  • Strong working knowledge of MS Excel, Word and various inventory management & accounting systems.


  • Prefer Undergraduate Degree.
  • Previous Inventory Management experience required.
  • Previous Purchasing experience required.


  • Salaried, non-exempt position working weekdays during normal business hours.
  • Typical workweek is 40-50 hours with additional hours during month end/year end close, physical inventory, special projects and peak Sales periods.

PACA Foods is an equal opportunity employer, M/F


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