Making Meals for Millennials: The Meal-Kits Market

An interesting new trend for those who like to eat at home is having meals delivered to your doorstep: in the form of a “meal-kit”. The popularity of the meal-kit idea has extended beyond simply people who are dieting or even the elderly in a meals-on-wheels program. The market is shaping to be one with a diverse selection, in preparation and distribution of goods. From groceries and frozen goods to dried food meals being transported by bike or by car right to the comfort of your own home, there is room for market entry.
The idea of a meal-kit could be a $60 billion market. In addition, on the side of the consumer, there is less worry about choosing the correct ingredients, storage of these ingredients or meals after dining, and even wasting particularly expensive, organic ingredients post-dining. For a consumer with limited cooking abilities and time but a health-conscious mindset, a meal-kit is more than a good idea. In fact, they can begin to integrate these partially prepared meals into their daily and weekly schedules with less time spent on deciding and more time spent on dining. In this sense, meal-kits aren’t just a luxury item: they are solving a problem in balancing time management and healthy living for consumers.
While one portion of this market could be dedicated to those with expendable income, another, arguably larger portion would be dedicated to the millennial generation. This generation fits the description above and will be eager to find ways of getting their nutritional value. In the type of service economy that is ever-present, millennials will be willing to try new brands, both in-store and online, that provide healthy, diverse, nutritional value to their daily meals. Ease of preparation and nutrition are also significant factors for a millennial deciding what to eat, two things that a meal-kit can provide. Being that the diverse age of millennials are looking for viable options in their meal experience, newer options like meal-kits could be the happy medium they are looking for.
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